Golf & Grill

Written By Abigail Abesamis Demarest

A tribute to the past now provides a memorable mid-round snack destination for Club Members. Near the 12th tee at Camp Creek Golf Course, you’ll find a restored 1958 Chevrolet Viking — a throwback to The St. Joe Paper Company’s fleet of work trucks of years past with one key update: It has a woodfired oven built into the chassis.

As golfers approach the 12th tee, the truck is impossible to miss. With smoke billowing out its chimney and positioned alongside a satellite bar, this comfort station provides a midround experience not found on any other golf course. When you visit the truck, you’ll be greeted by the smiling face of a member of Watersound Club culinary team tending to the fire or providing details on that day’s wood-fired treat. The daily offering is constantly evolving and always complimentary. On a recent day, it was an individual-sized flatbread pizza. Members and their guests can look forward to discovering what small bites will be awaiting them as they pull away from the 11th green. 

“One week, we had chicken pesto pizzas,” explained Food and Beverage Manager, Laurel Orgiefsky. The culinary team isn’t limited in what can be created with the unique piece of cooking equipment. “In November, we did a ‘fixings flatbread’ topped with Thanksgiving sides, and turkey sliders.” If there’s one thing to know about the menu, it’s that it is not definite, which is part of the fun. Who knows what the team will be firing up when you get to hole No. 12?

Manny Belete, Camp Creek general manager, explained that the Club is always looking for ways to enhance the Member experience and create memories that simply can’t happen at other clubs. “We worked with a company that takes these old trucks and converts them into wood-fired ovens,” Manny said. “Most golf courses have a snack bar or small grill out on the course, but we always want to go one step further. To see the looks on our Members’ faces when they see it for the first time, and then learn that their hot snack is on the house, has been the best part.”

The truck arrived in 2021, and Manny and his team spent some time familiarizing themselves with the oven and experimenting with recipes. They did demos and practice runs to get feedback from Watersound Club members before moving the truck to its current location where it has been delighting golfers ever since. Since the oven operates at 800 degrees, it can typically crank out a small, fresh bite to eat in a minute or less so golfers can carry on with their round. THE DAILY The course’s 5th offering is hole has another constantly spot for golfers to evolving fuel up. Much like and always complimentary. the satellite bar at No. 12, the exterior of this comfort station is wrapped in reclaimed wood — another nod to the logging and timber past of the company and the area.This one is a grab-and-go station with refrigerated sodas and water, plus snacks like potato chips, popcorn and granola bars. Just like the food coming out of the wood-fired oven, these snacks are complementary to Members and their guests.

Manny and his team continue to look for ways to exceed Member expectations. “It’s the little details that people remember,” he says. “Whether that is being referred to by name when you arrive or being treated to unique food and beverage offerings on the golf course, this is how we deliver an unmatched experience and help Members make lasting memories with their families and friends.”