The Friendly Skies of Watersound® Club

Q&A WITH JENNIE FREY, Watersound Club Membership Amenities Manager

Jennie Frey is the membership amenities manager for Watersound Club, but what that really means is that she’s the person to talk to when you want to take the Club’s private aircraft — a Pilatus PC-12 NG — out for a spin. We sat down for a quick chat with Jennie to learn more about her and the private air charter program.

How did you join The St. Joe Company and Watersound Club? Have you always been involved in aviation?

The St. Joe Company has always been a pillar of our community, and I’ve had my eyes on this company over the years. My background was actually in public health, but I wanted to start something fresh. I landed in aviation somewhat unexpectedly — I was working on getting my pilot’s license when I interviewed for a different position with Watersound Club. That was about the time St. Joe was getting ready to announce the new plane to our membership. So that opened up an interesting opportunity. It was something we could really just take and run with — and we’ve come a long way!

When does a member get in contact with you?

If it’s someone looking at Watersound Club as a prospective member, usually they’ll get routed to me so they can learn more about member access to the Pilatus PC-12 NG. If they’re already an established member and they want to book a flight, they usually reach out to me directly. Firsttime flyers always start with a phone call; once they’ve flown, they can start texting or emailing to find out if the plane is available for a trip. I take it from there and work out any logistics that need to be handled — there are a lot of moving parts to work out when planning a flight.

What’s one of the most fun-sounding trips you’ve arranged for a Club Member?

The Bahamas flights are always so exciting. Most of the time, our members traveling there go for several days, and it’s so much fun to hear what part of the islands that they’re visiting. Abaco Island seems to be popular lately, and I love hearing their stories about what they do on their trips. Many of them play golf at Abaco Club; they do some deep-sea fishing, diving or spearfishing; and really enjoy a lot of family time. Taking our plane from our home airport (ECP) makes the trip so convenient. We fly there directly, and you don’t have to deal with any crowds. You just walk on the plane at our private hangar and go on your own schedule. If you want to leave at 8, we leave at 8. If you like a later start, we can make that happen.

What do you think is the best reason to become a Watersound® Club Member?

It’s the lifestyle, the experiences, the excitement in knowing that you have so many amazing amenities at your fingertips. When you belong to Watersound Club, everything is streamlined to be more convenient for you — even a day at the beach or a round of golf. And, of course, I am a little biased, but there’s the plane, right? That’s the golden egg that I think really seals the deal for members. I don’t know where else that a club like ours includes access to a private aircraft, and you just pay an hourly rate whenever you want to go somewhere. And that’s just part of what you get when you’re a Watersound® Club Member.

How do Club Members arrange travel on the Pilatus aircraft?

It all starts with a conversation, really! Just reach out to me and tell me what you want to do, and then we just go from there. It’s really easy. To arrange air travel visit, call 850.213.5184 or email *In arranging flights in the aircraft, St. Joe Resort Operations, LLC (the “Club Owner”) acts solely as an air charter broker. The Club Owner is not a direct air carrier or a direct foreign air carrier in operational control of aircraft. The air service referred to herein is provided by Western Aircraft, Inc. dba WestAir Charter, a properly licensed direct air carrier.

Photography of corporate airplane taken October, 2019. Photographer: Kurt Lischka – Moon Creek Studios