Fall is Sunset Season at Watersound Club

No two are alike, and there something special about watching a sunset with your feet in the soft white sand of Northwest Florida’s pristine beaches. Fortunately, for Members of Watersound Club, there is no shortage of Instagram-worthy spots to watch the sun go down.

When it comes time to decide where to catch a stunning sunset, Watersound Beach Club is the obvious choice, and for good reason. In the fall and winter, the sun appears to dip right into the Gulf of Mexico. On some evenings, it paints the sky a mix of pink, orange and purple hues that are reflected in the water as day turns to night.

Sunset comes a little earlier at this time of year, making it possible to enjoy your favorite meal from 30*86* while taking in the views from the appropriately named Sunset Bar. Whether enjoying a cocktail with friends or dinner with family, the Sunset Bar serves up views of the towering dunes, the white-sand beach and the setting sun.

Not to be outdone by the Beach Club, Watersound Club’s golf courses are equally breathtaking at the golden hour. Seeking one last birdie before twilight fades is an ideal way to end the day for any golfer.

Coming off of the 18th green at Shark’s Tooth Golf Course and heading to the clubhouse’s patio is the perfect way to cap a great day on the links, or atone for a bogie-heavy round.

Like everything at Watersound Club, sunsets are best enjoyed in the company of friends and family. So gather up those closest to you and find your favorite spot for making memories at the end of a great day…and don’t forget your camera!